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Passivation Lines

Palm Technology supplies Passivation Lines for aerospace, defense and medical applications. Passivation Lines have become a larger segment of the market as customers use more exotic metals that require a protective oxide layer.

Palm can supply and install a Passivation Line to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Palm fabricates complete Passivation Lines in-house in our 50,000 sf facility located outside of Nashville, TN. We have the flexibility to deliver a truly custom solution. Palm fabricates plastic and metal tanks and builds the hoists and steelwork in-house delivering quality and value unmatched in the industry.

Passivation is commonly used to provide a protective oxide layer through the chemical treatment of stainless steel. Passivation has grown to not only include stainless steel, but high nickel alloys, titanium, etc. There are a variety of chemistries used. Palm has supplied and installed small barrel and large rack Passivation Lines for a variety of applications. Whether it is a manual or automatic line, Palm can meet the most stringent requirements found in aerospace, defense and medical applications.

Palm can deliver a complete turnkey solution supplying and installing the passivation line, hoists, structure, and fume exhaust. We can supply a manual or automatic Passivation Line that provides the flexibility, reliability and quality you demand to meet your current and future needs. When it is time for your next passivation project, contact Palm Technology and put our expertise and experience to work for you.