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ENBag™ - Electroless Nickel Filter Bags

Proper filtration is mandatory for the successful operation of plating processes. Bag filters provide a simple way to eliminate particulate and other contaminants from plating solutions. They are especially suitable for electroless nickel baths. Palm's ENbag filters are carefully made from the highest quality woven polypropylene felt, and are carefully sized for particle removal. Their support ring is made only of Type 304 stainless steel to ensure against bath contamination.

Palm supplies a complete range of bags for most applications, and stocks the most commonly used P-1S (7 inch diameter by 17 inch long) and P-3S (4 inch by 8 inch) sizes. P-1S bags are available in case quantities of 70, while the P-3S size is packaged in cases of 100. Extra long P-2S bags are also stocked for applications requiring additional filtration, and are supplied in cases of 50 bags.

Palm also fabricates holders for these bags which are sturdy and easy to use. They include a unique 'slide lock' design, with no fittings to unscrew when changing a bag, and are totally constructed of polypropylene and Type 304 stainless steel. ENbag 'slide lock' holders are available from stock.

Key Features
  • Finest quality USA Made polypropylene felt
  • All stainless steel rings
  • Slide lock design holders
  • 1 to 50 micron ratings
  • P1S, P2S and P3S sizes
    PO1 P-1S-SS 1 7" 17"
    PO3 P-1S-SS 3 7" 17"
    PO5 P-1S-SS 5 7" 17"
    PO10 P-1S-SS 10 7" 17"
    PO25 P-1S-SS 25 7" 17"
    PO50 P-1S-SS 50 7" 17"
    PO1 P-3S-SS 1 4" 8"
    PO5 P-3S-SS 5 4" 8"
    PO5 P-2S-SS 5 7" 32"