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Surface Finishing Chemicals

Palm Technology frequently refers customers to Palm Commodities, LLC. for all their surface finishing commodity Chemical and Metal needs. Palm Commodities manufactures and distributes a wide range of chemical products used in a diverse array of industrial, chemical, water treatment, mining, catalyst and other applications.

Palm Commodities is a leading manufacturer of high purity liquid nickel concentrates including liquid nickel acetate, nickel bromide, liquid nickel chloride, liquid nickel sulfamate, and liquid nickel sulfate.

Palm Commodities also produces liquid sodium hypophosphite solution and rare earth liquid concentrates including cerium acetate, cerium chloride, cerium nitrate, lanthanum acetate, lanthanum chloride, lanthanum nitrate, gadolinium nitrate, neodymium chloride, neodymium nitrate, praseodymium nitrate, samarium nitrate, yttrium nitrate, zirconium acetate, and zirconium sulfate solutions.

Palm Commodities imports and distributes a wide range of products including boric acid, cadmium oxide, cobalt carbonate, cobalt chloride, cobalt oxide, cobalt sulfamate, cobalt sulfate, copper sulfate crystal and liquid, copper cyanide, potassium cyanide, sodium cyanide, zinc cyanide, chromic acid, nickel carbonate, nickel chloride crystal, nickel oxide, nickel sulfate crystal, and others.

Palm Commodities also offers a range of chemical materials servicing customers in the cosmetics, and related industries.

You can visit their web site at www.Palminc.com